Nydia Track Part 1: Kaiuma Bay to Nydia Bay

If you ever heard about the Marlborough sounds, I am sure you heard about the Queen Charlotte Track, a famous 4-day walk. Well, today I will not write about it, there are quite a few others interesting tramps which are less overcrowded.

I have been wwoofing for a week weeks in a lodge called “On the track”, located in the middle of the Nydia Track, a 27 km easy 2-day tramp, between 4 and 5 hours walk per day, its fairly do-able.

Getting to the lodge is only possible by 5h walking or 1h of boat. As I am working there, I got the place by boat, not a bad idea with all the bags I had !

A sunny day, not too much work at the lodge, I can escape for a few hours and do the first part of the tramp. After being dropped somewhere on the jetty in Kaiuma Bay, I first begin to follow a gravel road to get to the beginning of the Track.

It’s quite hot but the view on the Kaiuma Bay is beautiful. At the sign at the beginning of the track, I follow a path in the middle of a field, I am looking forward to being under the trees, it’s 2pm and the sun is very strong.

It gets quickly into a forest and climb a bit for a while, lots of fern trees, the light on the fern gives me the opportunity to get a few nice pictures.

It gets a bit down, always in the forest and finally climbs up for a while, until reaching the saddle from which I can get a view on each side, but there are quite a lot of trees around.

As I want to see always more, I leave the path to get a bit more up over some trees, there is a quite steep path which goes a bit more up and get a good view of the moutains around Kaiuma Bay.

On the other side Nydia Bay is still not very visible through the trees but getting down the saddle, after around 10 min, it gets more and more easy to see all the bay.

I got surprised by a possum which was climbing a tree. At the bottom, fields to cross, with a few cows a bit scared by me. They are sharing the field with some gooses too.

At the end of the field, I am back to Nydia Bay, and following the coast through the wood, and after crossing a river, I got welcomed by the usual barking from Fee, the dog of the Lodge (and she can sing too).

On the Track Lodge is a very nice place to stay, and I don’t say it because I am working there, I really enjoy it.

I planned to stay two weeks, and finally keep staying there week after week. The lodge is stunning, full of wood which makes it smell like in the Alps.

And they got a train carriage where is my room, who gets the chance to sleep in a old carriage of the 1930’ ?

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